Opening Times

Open 51 weeks of the year (Closed between Christmas and New Year. Closed for Bank holidays)
Full day: 8am-6pm
A.M. session: 8a.m-1pm
P.M. session: 1pm-6pm
We accept 2 year and 3 year funding. Enquire via, the Nursery Manager to find out more and check availability

Nursery Fees

0-2 year olds: A.M or P.M session = £31.00
Full Day = £48.50
Full Time Place = £230.38 (includes 5% discount)

2-5 year olds: A.M or P.M session = £30.00
Full Day = £46.50
Full Time Place = £220.88 (includes 5% discount)
A sibling discount of 5% for more than one child.

Example Day

8-9am Welcome time, 9-10am Rolling snack
10am-12noon Morning session, 12noon-1pm Lunch
1-3pm Afternoon session, 3-3:30pm Afternoon snack
3:30-5pm Free play, 5pm Light snack
5pm-6pm Free play
6pm Pick up time

Welcome to Silverdawn Day Nursery


Silverdawn Day Nursery is a family owned business by Elisa and Johnny Hunt. It opened in 2001 and has been operating as an Ofsted registered full day care nursery caring for children aged 0-4 years.

With the safety and early education being at the forefront of the care we provide, Silverdawn Day Nursery ensures that our environment is an open, fun and welcoming place. While providing a full day care service for children aged 0-4 years we endeavour to ensure that Silverdawn Day Nursery has a home from home feel, allowing parents and guardians to feel relaxed and comfortable leaving their children with our highly and fully qualified team. Parents and guardians can always be safe in the knowledge that at Silverdawn Day Nursery the care and safety of our children is our number one priority.

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Meet The Team


Our Mission


Silverdawn Day Nursery recognises that a child’s nursery experience may be the first experience a child will have away from home and family life. Here at Silverdawn we aim to provide a home from home feel, to help children and families feel as truly comfortable and relaxed as they would be in their own environment.

All children have the right to a safe and caring environment where their natural curiosity to learn can be developed and encouraged. Silverdawn Day Nursery understands the importance of a quality team who use creative ideas to stimulate natural learning through play. We work towards the Early Learning Goals set out in the Early Years Foundation Stage, allowing children to safely take risks to develop their unique and individual personalities. Ensuring that the children in our care become successful learners and confident in their own individual abilities.

Here at Silverdawn Day Nursery we believe in equal access for all children, families and staff, and promote positive attitudes towards diversity and individualism. It is of upmost importance to us that all involved with the nursery are respected and valued for their diverse cultural and social backgrounds, a fact supported in the activities promoted within the setting. All at Silverdawn are treated as individuals ensuring the standards of equal opportunities are maintained.

We understand that parents and families expect their children to be cared for in a safe and stimulating environment. With fully qualified, experienced members of staff we will provide for the physical, educational, social and emotional needs for all children in our care. The Staff at Silverdawn Day Nursery are constantly encouraged to develop their skills, whether that be achieving higher qualifications, or attending regular courses to improve their practical skills.

We strive to have excellent relationships with our parents and families, and we encourage and welcome family involvement within the setting. At Silverdawn Day Nursery we invite families to take part in nursery activities in and out of the setting on trips and visits. We also have excellent relationships with our multi-disciplinary team and local community, and endeavour to immerse our setting in community life.

The main priority is the care we provide for our children and it is the welfare of the children and their families that drives our successful, safe and happy day to day running.


Early Years Foundation Stage

At Silverdawn Day Nursery we have two main rooms, the baby room that cares for babies between the ages 0-2 years and the Main room which cares for children between the ages of 2-4. The baby room consists of one group the ‘Babies’ and the main room has two, the ‘Tweenies’ caring for children aged 2-3 and the ‘Tigers’ caring for children aged 3-4.

Silverdawn Day Nursery follows the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) and the Early Learning goals set out within it. The team at Silverdawn Day Nursery set out daily activities to help our children become healthy, confident and successful learners.

Within the EYFS there are 7 areas of learning set out into the three Prime areas of learning and four Specific areas of learning. In the Babies group only the Prime areas are focused on, to ensure the young toddlers that leave that room have a strong foundation in the main areas of their learning to build upon when moving to the Tweenies and Tigers. All 7 areas are focused on in the main room and the environment and activities are carefully planned to ensure that all children develop in all areas of learning.

The Prime Areas: Communication and Language

Children learn in an environment rich with language experiences. All practitioners positively role model language development and allow language skills to develop at their own pace. Resources and activities are wide and varied in their use of promoting communication skills and word formation.

The Prime Areas: Personal, Social and Emotional Development

A nursery environment can be the first step in developing the earliest social skills and appropriate behaviours. All children are positively encouraged to interact and make positive relationships within the setting. Silverdawn Day Nursery ensures all practitioners are positive and stable role models providing care to meet the emotional needs of all children allowing them to have the skills to manage their own feelings. Children are encouraged through activities to have a strong and positive sense of themselves, with respect and value for others.

The Prime Areas: Physical Development

We love playing outside, whatever the weather, and with our continuous provision, the door to our outdoor space is always open. Children are encouraged to stay active and healthy learning co ordination and how to take safe and calculated risks in our safe outdoor space. All meals are home cooked with nutrition and health at the core. We have regular sports sessions and the children have access to our own allotment patch, learning how to grow and sustain our healthy vegetable crop.

The Specific Areas: Mathematics

Children can develop their skills, in number recognition, counting, shape, space and measure with carefully tailored activities using Mathematic appropriate resources. Children are able to develop their Mathematic skills using everyday objects and a wide variety of activities.

The Specific Areas: Literacy

Children are provided with an environment rich with the written word from books to signs around the nursery. With carefully set out areas, children are encouraged to take time out with books and stories be it on their own, in a group or with an adult. Early literacy skills are encouraged with areas specifically designed to explore mark making and the variety of ways this can be done.

The Specific Areas: Expressive Arts and Design

Our children can play and learn with a wide variety of media and materials, with many activities being open ended, allowing little imaginations to use materials they way the child feels best. We provide many activities that encourage the child’s own thoughts, and we encourage an value the imaginative ideas children have towards play. With the arts and craft area often being the busiest we ensure that we provide enough resources to promote each child’s interest, with music and dance helping children to express themselves.

The Specific Areas: Understanding the world

With strong links with our local schools and community, our children often have the chance to visit the locality and schools building a strong sense of community and self belonging. Children are given the opportunity to explore at our local allotments and encouraged along the way to take notice of the environment around them. Technology plays a big part in today’s culture and children are given many opportunities to develop their skills within the setting.

SEN & Disability


Contact Us


Contact Information Nicole Grimston – Nursery Manager

Silverdawn Day Nursery,
23 Lytham Road,
Warton, Nr Preston,
Lancashire, PR4 1AD

t: 01772 679239,